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When it comes to your workout, do you find yourself constantly going though an internal battle, where you’re practically fighting yourself over if you’re going to workout or not?

It’s especially difficult to motivate yourself to workout for abs when you have to lift up your shirt and face the dreaded belly fat or muffin top you want to loose. It can be exhausting going through this internal battle every day that you plan to workout.

In addition to the mental struggle just to get yourself to start the workout, it’s also discouraging when you don’t see results after you actually get through the workout.

Your workout plan should not be super painful. In fact it is completely possible to do easy and effective workouts for abs right at home.

How to get Workout Motivation

One big reason for the internal battle is the long travel time to and from the gym. Making the extra effort to go to the gym adds additional time, effort and stress to a long day. You are likely experiencing serious time constraints in your daily life with never ending activities and every minute matters – which includes travel time to and from the gym. You can eliminate this travel time and stress all together because there are easy exercises you can do right at home with no gym or lifting equipment required.

The second discouraging factor , when it comes to getting yourself to workout, is the complicated exercises you’ve been advised to do at some point. However, in order to get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted you don’t need to do complicated workouts. Getting a flat tummy is about consistency and variation more than anything else. If you’re doing complicated workouts that are too difficult for you to perform, you will likely quit very early on. Stick to easy exercises, especially in the beginning, and be consistent. Once you have these easy workouts down, master consistency. Then you can add more advanced moves once you have your own personal routine in place.

Below I’ve listed 7 Easy Workouts that you can do right now and at home. Do each workout in any variation or order (NO GYM REQUIRED):

1. Simple Crunch – Start with the basic simple crunch. This is great to do as an ab warm-up once you are entering into your workout. This workout you can do at home as no equipment is required. It is perfect to tone the upper abs causing you to build muscle in the upper core. This will contribute mainly to the upper part of your sick pack.

30 - Second Interval

2. Bent Knee Raise Crunch – Beyond the basic simple crunch is the bent knee raise crunch. This is workout is great for when you want to incorporate more of the full body by adding leg raises. This crunch will build muscle in the core of the upper and lower abs creating a flat tummy and eventually a six pack.

25 - Second Interval

3. Alternating Bent Knee  Cross-body Crunch – The cross body motion by alternating sides with this crunch variation is great for building done across the ab muscle. By resting one foot on the ground in between each crunch, decreases difficulty while still allowing it to be an affective workout. Add this exercise to your workout plan if you need a cross body variation that is for beginners.

30 - Second Interval

4. Back  Crunch – This is the only exercise in the list that does not primarily target the ab muscles. The back crunch builds muscle for the full body including the back, glute and legs during the active crunch motion. Ab muscles are used immediately after the peak of the crunch when you are controlling the body back down.

30 - Second Interval

5. Russian Twist– Perform the Russian twist with feet on the ground for beginners and heels of the ground for increased difficulty. The alternation from side to side is great to build muscle in the core and give a flat tummy but also great to lose weight in the muffin top area.

30 - Second Interval

6. Straight Leg, Flat Crunches – The flat leg crunches is perfect to build muscle in the core and to tone the abs. This workout targets the full six pack muscles.

30 - Second Interval

7. Glute Bridge Lift– This is the only exercise Incorporates the Glute and Ab muscles. It is great for beginners as it does not require extreme difficulty, only lifting of the pelvis and hips .

30 - Second Interval

There you have it! The Ultimate list of workouts for the abs that you can easily do at home. If you’re looking to for different workouts, no only one for the abs, consider joining the 30 – Day Bikini Body Challenge. This challenge consists of meal plans according to intermittent fasting. We also work through any mindset blocks you might be experiencing when it comes to weight loss. There challenge includes over 80 exercises, circuit workouts and more.

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Katerina is a blogger and a registered nurse. As a former NFL Cheerleader finalist, she is all too familiar with workout plans. Katerina is also certified in holistic nutrition, weight management and is passionate about travel, petite fashion, purposeful living and natural skin care.

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