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Travel Collaborations
If you're looking to expand your content to travelers interested in adventure and affordable accommodation, lets collaborate. I offer my readers ways to get the best value out of their trips. I also create inspirational photography, video and blog content. I share My content across social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and twitter.
Fashion Collaborations
If you're looking to expand your fashion content to settings abroad, I'm the person for you. I originally began this blog in 2016 as a petite fashion blog. During this time I've gained extensive experience with building content around fashion items that have contributed to several purchases of items I've worn on my blog and IG. Moving forward I will be taking any outfits or fashion pieces while traveling locally or abroad to create digital photography and videos.
Digital Storytelling
Creating a personal experience of your travel destination, or anything your travel company has to offer. Sharing with my many followers across platforms of Pinterest, facebook, Instagram and my blog.
Inspirational Photography
High Resolution photos of professional quality, enhanced to show travel destinations and ascetics in the most pleasing way possible. Photos appropriately sized and available for website posts and to share across social media platforms.
Engaging Video
Professionally produced and edited YouTube video capturing everything about your destination that is able to be fully conveyed in a photograph or writing.
Brand Partners:
Pacificpetite reaches an audience of adventurous, money conscious travelers passionate about unique experiences and outfits to wear to them. She's worked with many brands ranging from fashion to makeup and hair. Although most of her readers are fashion lovers, the blog is rapidly expanding to include travel readers as well which is now the primary focus

For more information on my, website visits and total reach along with demographics please contact me and request my Media Kit.