How to Travel When on a Serious Budget


You know those times when you NEED a vacation, but your bank account is telling you otherwise.

Either you have too many expenses so you don’t put any money aside for travel..or you book last minute flights that are way overpriced…

 Either option isn’t the best when you want to travel the world for a low cost. When you have too many bills and expenses, where do you find the money to travel the world while on a serious budget?

Here are some proven strategies for being able to travel the world easily even when you think it’s impossible.



How to Travel the World when you’re on a serious budget


1 . Lets first talk about breaking the bad habits

When you’re trying to travel the world, over spending may be in the way.Breaking bad habits of overspending takes a lot of willpowerYou might try to break this bad habit by setting a goal of saving X amount of money for a vacation next year.

However. according to Psychologist Peter Golwitzer, this strategy of setting a simple goal usually doesn’t work.


Well, setting a goal only works when you make plans on HOW to implement these goals using “if-then” statements.

“If I go grocery shopping, then I will not spend over $100 a week.”

“If I want to go out on the weekend, then I will only do free activities” etc.

Everyone has bad habits and breaking these habits is especially hard. That is why the book How to travel the world in $50 a day (basically a resource book for budget traveling) is great because it has an entire chapter devoted to money saving habits and it gives specifics!


2. Make some serious comparisons

Look at what your getting out of your every day life and how it’s actually serving you.

How do your current temporary pleasures compare to the amazing health benefits and long lasting experiences that traveling can bring to your life.Compare the money and time that you’re spending on every day local things to those exact same costs and time spent while traveling. Your $100 dollar concert could have been a weekend Airbnb in Spain for $50/night.

In 2016, the Average American spend 5.1% on Entertainment, 6.9% on Other expenditures.

This is money you’re already not spending on pertinent things. Put that money aside for traveling. Current food and housing expenditures can also be replaced for the exact same things abroad. This technique is thoroughly outlined in the resource book Travel More – Pay Less. 





3. Plan ahead

You’re life is likely hectic with your job and a crazy schedule so squeezing in a vacation is difficult… especially last minute planning..

Planing ahead will save you on expenses in two ways:

->Cheap flights

When can you get your best deal on your flight? 

According to a study done by, 54 days before hand is then you flight will be at it’s cheapest, which is about 3 months in advance.

It is possible to find cheap flights at the last minute however if you want more flexibility in the time and date that you travel, it’s best to book your flight as early as possible.


Doing your research and planning your itinerary early will help you find all the deals ahead of time.



4. Use the right resources:

Picture yourself in an extravagant, overpriced resort and spa where you’ve spent your entire pay check on one SINGLE night’s stay.

Would you rather extend your stay for a week while spending a lot less?

Many travel magazines primarily market and advertise toward extremely high spending and luxurious travelers. What these advertisers aren’t showing you is that it is possible to have an amazing travel experience that is extremely affordable.

That’s why it is extremely important for you to be using the right resources for affordable and budget traveling on of which being Travel More – Pay Less. This is an easily consumable travel book that can be used as a guide and a resource for budget travelers that are looking for a new adventure all around the world.



Want to travel the world and save money in the process? Get my free guide Travel More – Pay Less and travel to your dream locations while not spending your life savings! I hope to meet you somewhere around the world!




With love from the Pacific,

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