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Top 9 simple detox foods

Top 5 DetoxFoods to helpLose Belly Fat-4

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When you’re going through your weight loss journey you might be overwhelmed with all of the diet options and meal plans.

It’s also hard to figure out what foods will specifically target belly fat.

When you want to target belly fat for weight loss  it can be frustrating. It’s a constant internal battle when it comes to eating since you have to putting food into your belly to survive but it’s the one thing you want to shrink in size.

So where should you start when you want to lose belly fat?

Start by resetting your system with a liver detox!

Detoxing your liver can result in decreasing puffiness and body fat. 

You might be wondering…


What foods should I eat to detox my liver?


Lemon mixed with water, also known as lemon juice, has many health benefitsfor the body including helping with digestion, promoting healthier skin, and is a natural antiseptic so it controls harmful bacteria. In addition to all of these health benefits, it helps with liver detoxification and in turn helps with weight loss.




Foods with high sulfur makes it easier to produce glutathione which is a natural antioxidant found in the body. Such foods with high sulfur include broccoli,cabbage, kale, radishes, garlic and onion.

When the body is naturally cleaned with natural antioxidants, it results in a healthier liver since the liver has to do less work in detoxification. A healthier liver results in less inflammation throughout the body and decreases puffiness in the belly.




Turmeric acts as an antioxidant on all cells of the body including the liver. This antioxidant affect decreases liver inflammation an in turn decrease belly fat. 




Beat juice also works as a liver detoxification agent. This reduces stress on the liver, reducing inflammation in the body. With decreased inflammation, abdominal belly fat decreases.

There you have it, 9 foods to help you start cleansing your liver today. If you’re interested in trying a liver detox, consider The 9 – Day Liver Detox Diet.

If you’d like to furthering your weight loss, consider joining the weight loss program  :  30 – Day bikini body challenge  which includes a 21-day meal plan that starts off with a two day detox. The plan includes specific daily meals and guidelines to follow with an intermittent fasting schedule. The challenge also includes an Exercise guide with over 80 exercises and 5 video circuit workouts for beginner, moderate and advance levels. The guide breaks down each exercise and which muscles they target and includes work outs for abs, upper body, legs and glute. 

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