It can be very discouraging to look in the mirror and see that you’re butt isn’t as perky, round or just not in the shape that you’d like. With the summer season coming, it’s important to feel comfortable in a swimsuit and in clothes that show off more skin. 

Well I have great news!

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your butt, you can actually it’s shape.

Below are 5 workouts that target the butt. They will help define your but and give you the tone, and perkiness that will look amazing in yoga pants, swimsuits and jeans. 

Choose the teaching style best for you and workout right from your own home! 


Boho Beautiful

Butt workout with an instructor who has a background in pilates and yoga. This skill level is advanced


Basic butt workout with an instructor who has a background in pilates. Moderate skill level.

Action Jaqulen

Booty exercise with an instructor with a background in barre. This is a moderate skill level.

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Women’s workout channel

General butt exercise for beginner skill level.


Butt exercise that can be done on the floor of your home. This is a beginner-moderate skill level.


There you have it, 5 butt workouts you can start today. If you’d like to furthering your weight loss and fitness journey, consider joining the weight loss program  :  30 – Day bikini body challenge  which includes a 21-day meal plan that starts off with a two day detox. The plan includes specific daily meals and guidelines to follow with an intermittent fasting schedule. The challenge also includes an Exercise guide with over 80 exercises and 5 video circuit workouts for beginner, moderate and advance levels. The guide breaks down each exercise and which muscles they target and includes work outs for abs, upper body, legs and flute. 


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