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Get Toned Arms – 6 Minute Workout routine

at home arm toning exercise (no equipment required)


Most women love wearing sleeveless clothes, but not if they’re struggling with flabby arm fat.

Extra arm fat can make you feel extremely self conscious especially in nice sleeveless dresses and tank tops. It’s also frustrating when you go to reach for something and to see the extra flab dangling from your arm like the bottom of a turkey’s neck.

Well, thankfully there are exercises you can do that will specifically target flappy arms and help you obtain strong arms. These exercises require no equipment and can be done right at home. They can be done while watching TV are as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.

These particular arm toning exercises are intended for skinny arms, weak arms or arms with extra fat with the goal of becoming strong arms. They can not guarantee the elimination of excessive loose skin that appear as bat wings since no weights are used.

Below you will find 9 arm toning exercises that will give you healthy toned, strong arms right at home to help you reach your workout goals!


Forward Arm Circles


Warm up your arms and shoulder muscles with forward arm circles. Start in a comfortable position, either standing or sitting, hold the arms in table top position, then slowly rotate the arms forward in a circular motion. Do not let the arms drop for the duration of the exercise. It’s great to start with one of the simple workouts then build up toward the more difficult exercises.


Back Arm Pumps


Back arm pumps work your arms, shoulders and back muscles. Remain in a comfortable position – either standing, or sitting – place arms straight out to the sides in table top position then slowly pump both arms back in small quick repetitions. This will help build strong arms and back muscles as well.


Front Arm Crosses


Front arm crosses not only work the arms, shoulders but also the chest muscles. Start in a comfortable position with your arms straight out to your side in a table top position. While keeping both arms straight, move both arms in front of you while crossing at the hands, then bring back out to the side. This exercise is great for toning the arms and shoulders.


Bicep Pushups


Bicep pushups target the the biceps and shoulders. Start this exercise on all fours, with the arms behind you and with your face and hips facing the ceiling. Slowly bend the arms and work the biceps without letting the hips drop. Keep the body straight as possible without letting the buttocks touch the ground. This is great for building and toning strong arms in the biceps.


Up and Down Plank


The up and down plank is great for weightloss and targets the core, back and arms. It can be done right at home by starting in the push up position. One arm should then lower to the elbow, followed by the other arm. Once in plank position, immediately straighten one arm back to push up position then the other arm.


Superman Arm Press


Superman arm presses target the chest, biceps and shoulders. Start by laying on the chest, bend the arms and bring the hands by the ears. Slowly press the arms above the head until the arms are straight then bring back into starting position.


Belly Arm Circles


Belly arm circles primarily work the shoulders and arms. Start by laying flat on your belling and hold your arms out to the side. Move your arms in slow small circles in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, for the duration of the exercise.


Rotating Elbow “T”


The rotating elbow T exercise targets the arms, shoulders and abs. Start in a plank position then rotate the body to one side while straightening the top arm toward the ceiling. Bring the arm back down to the plank position and rotate to the other side repeating the motion with the other arm.

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Try a workout challenge to reach your arm workout goals of doing this arm toning exercise of 3-4 times a week to see quick results!


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