When to wear heels // Business casual outfit for petite women



I could LIVE in high heels as a petite women. Getting that extra height makes a huge difference! Since wearing heels constantly could result in foot injuries  ( trust me, I’ve been there ), when to wear heels?



One place in particular is in business and work settings. Adding high heels to work outfits not only gives me a better birds eye view but also allows for a classy style. That extra height also demands a since of authority and makes people take you more seriously when you are petite.


In this blog post:  I’m wearing high heels with my business dress from Linday Nicolas New York (similar below) and a Suede Wrap-Around Choker  from Ettika. I added the gold accents such as the katespade cross body and Contrast two part gold and black heels to this dress to make it look more trendy and young.


I’ve been on plenty of interviews and although they were for jobs in the hospital, managers loves to see my sense of professionalism.

If pain or discomfort is what you are worried about when it comes to wearing high heels, i found a great article from Popsugar on 3 styles of work heels that are the most comfortable.

Wearing flats are another option for work outfits. Flats tend to be a better option for taller women or women who are required to wear professional outfits everyday to work.  Thankfully, I’m in a career where I can wear sneakers everyday to work as a nurse. Knowing wear to wear high heels vs. flats is a important thing to know as a young professional. I think I’ve finally figured this one out!



With Love from the Pacific,





Outfit details: 




Photography by: Natalie Alvarado

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