black and white floral crop top and white jean pants

Do you ever end up looking a little too fancy for a casual occasion without even trying? It’s called being over dressed and I do it ALL THE TIME. Over dressing is the story of my life and this outfit post is a perfect example.


Black and white floral, ruffle crop top (similar) // White skinny jeans (similar)

// Black lace up high heels (similar) // kate spade crossbody bag


In this post I’m wearing a black and white floral corp top, white skinny jeans (cuffed) and black lace up heels with a kate spade crossbody purse.

I’m not able to always plan exactly what I’ll buy before I go shopping, I simply go with what I find that fits at the time which usually ends up being clothes with way too many ruffles and frills for most causal occasions.

If you know me personally, you know I’m almost always running late and I’m almost always over dressed. This is because it takes me a very long time to find something to wear for an occasion since I have so many random clothes. I usually end up wearing something too fancy for the occasion because that’s all I have. I’m thankful for my family and friends who have put up with this for so many years! I think they have come to a point of acceptance and so have I. ┬áIt doesn’t bother me as much any more since being over dressed is a good problem to have. I embrace being the overdressed small girl at the party.


Photography by Eduardo Ceballos