Petite scrubs lookbook


I have a confession.

I’m a Registered Nurse but my patients aren’t the only ones who need to be saved. Every week when I go to work at the hospital, I’m drowning. I’m literally suffocating. No, I’m not drowning in doctor’s orders, or suffocating from the intolerable odors from my patient’s rooms, I’m suffocating inside of my own SCRUBS.



In my six years as a RN, my scrubs have been oversized and lack form fitting material & design. Sometimes I feel as if I’m wearing a parachute rather than an outfit.

Although scrubs are intended to make me to look like a skilled medical professional, I actually look like a disheveled youth who gets dressed in the dark.



Every day, for the last six years, my patients and other staff members have given me a hard time. They often ask “why don’t your clothes ever fit? They are falling off of you!” It’s not like I don’t look for scrubs that fit, I do. But they have been nearly impossibly to find, in my opinion. After years of searching, I’ve reached the point of acceptance and I’ve started responding “because scrubs aren’t made to fit people like me..”



Boy was I wrong.

You see, I’m very petite in stature at a mere 4ft 11 and 95 lbs. And I’m not the only nurse with this issue of wearing scrubs that are oversized.

According to an article written by the Health Services Research, nursing shortages have caused aggressive recruitment of nurses from abroad. The United states is actually the largest importer of foreign born nurses. That being said, in the year 2000, close to a third of the foreign-educated nurses in the US were from the Philippines. The second largest source of foreign-born nurses was the Caribbean and Latin America. This number of foreign nurses is still growing.



So what does this have to do with scrub sizes.



Well, the average body size of women in these specific countries are drastically lower than the size of women all over the world. According, the , the average height of filipina woman is, 4’11.  The average height for Caribbean women is 5′ 1″ and Latina women are: Columbia 5’1″, Brazil 5’2.5″, Bolivia 4’8″, Mexico 5’1″, Peru 4″11.5″, Guatemale, Chile 5″1.5″, Argentina 5’3″, Paraguay 5’2.”, Venezuela 5’2.5″, Uruguay 5’2.25″, and Cuba 5’1.5″


These foreign born nurses who live & work in the US are just one of many groups of petite nurses that share my struggle.

So where are the petite scrubs?

Well I’ve found a few that will transform your work life forever.



 by cherokee

size: XXS

Coupon Code: SCRUBS20  at

Wearing: V-neck panel top & Mid rise straight leg pull-on pant



  • Big pockets in the front of the top

  • Many big pants pockets

  • Elastic on either side of the top giving a nice form

  • Small shoulders/sleeves making it look more feminine

  • Elastic waist band so my pants fit snug on the hips, no draw string but the elastic band is more than enough to keep the pants up

  • Big pockets on either side of the pants

  • V-neck allows for elongation of neck

  • comfortable fabric


  • Prefer a slightly shorter cut for the shirt (I have a short torso)


by BeneF!T medical apparel

size: XS

Coupon Code: benefit10 for 10% off

Wearing: Stealth top & Stealth bottoms


  • Extremely comfortable, probably the most comfortable scrubs I’ve ever worn

  • Form fitting almost like an actual shirt

  • Elastic waist band on pants, fits snug on hips

  • Small shoulder/sleeves for a feminine look

  • Good number of pant pockets

  • Great length for the pants, don’t drag

  • V-neck which elongates the neck making you look taller

  • soft material that feels great


  • Some people can’t tell that these are scrubs

  • Could use more shirt pockets



by Cherokee

size: XXS

Coupon Code: SCRUBS20  at

Wearing: Vneck top & Low rise straight leg draw string pants


  • Packets of all different shapes and sizes on the shirt and pants

  • Elastic just above rib cage giving shape to the scrub top.

  • Elastic waist band on pants along with draw string

  • Cute double thread embroidering

  • V-neck which elongates the neck making you look taller

  • Zip up pant pockets

  • Soft material that feels great


  • Length of the top is a little long for me because of my short torso



by Cherokee

size: XXS (petite pants)

Coupon Code: SCRUBS20  at

Wearing: Empire waist mock wrap top &  Low rise flare  drawstring cargo pants


  • Best fitting scrubs for me

  • Perfect length and fitting top for short torsos and petite frame

  • V neck line and still looks like the general, professional scrub appearance

  • Buttons across waist giving a slime waist

  • Great length pants with slit, pants don’t drag,

  • Large front top pockets


  • A little stiff and wrinkle easily

There you have it, my first petite scrubs review! Tell me what you think!


With love from the Pacific,




This post is sponsored however these are my honest opinions provided