How to wear a maxi dress this summer // Petite maxi dress


Maxi dresses are so simple yet so stylish. They are perfect to wear for almost any social event this summer. There’s so much versatility when it comes to maxi dresses that it can get a bit overwhelming. You may not know where exactly to start but I’m going to give you some great options for how to wear a maxi dress this summer.




Unfortunately, my experience with maxi dresses haven’t always been a pleasant one. They fit perfectly on the top but they typically drag to the ground on the bottom. As a result I have to wear heels with the dresses (when I prefer sandals) or I’ll holdd up the dress from the bottom while walking. When you are looking for a maxi dress for short women, look no further.

Maxi dress STYLES perfect for petite women:

1. Wrap Maxi dresses – With these dresses, the wrap style allows for the front of the dress to be shorter in length than the back. While wearing this dress you won’t step on the front while walking forward.

2. Romper Maxi – This Maxi consists of a romper underneath the maxi which doesn’t completely wrap around o the front. Plenty of ground to step on without stepping on this romper!


3. High- Low maxi dress – Similar to the wrap maxi, this dress is shorter in the front than in the back allowing you to wear this dress gracefully.

Maxi dress TIPS perfect for petite body frames:


1. Tie a knot – One way to solve the problem of stepping on your dress while still looking trendy is by adding a simple knot to the bottom of the long maxi dress. You can place the knot off to the side or completely on the side of the dress. There you go, you don’t have to worry about wearing tall shoes and can wear those comfy sandals with your maxi dress.

2. Add a belt –  Another option for this issue is to wear a belt over the waist of your maxi dress. Belts are the perfect accessory but also a necessity for your maxi dress.  I typically like to wear a thin belt because I don’t have the longest torso but a thick belt can also work wonders.

3. Turn it into a skirt  A third option is wearing your maxi dress as a skirt rather than a dress. You can roll down the dress from the top, and maybe even add a belt then adjust the length of the new maxi skirt to the height that’s most comfortable for you.






Lastly I’d like to talk about some accessories and tips you can add to your maxi dress to make it appropriate for any occasion. These accessories are great when you are wondering where to wear a maxi dress. When you add these accessories you can wear the same maxi dress any wear!

For a simple maxi dress look, pair it with a denim jacket. I wear my maxi with a jean jacket a lot when I’m going to any casual or simple social gathering like the movies


If you’re going for classy try adding a cardigan. This is great if you’re look for a maxi dress for a wedding guest outfit or a maxi dress for work.


If you’re looking to wear the maxi dress to a wedding, look at floral prints and maxi dresses with patterns.



I hope you found this helpful! Leave some comments below with how you styled your maxi dresses 🙂


With Love from the pacific,



Photography by Eduardo Ceballos

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