7 effective ways to find petite clothes in a convenient store

I recently got the pleasure of making some amazing purchases at Saks off 5TH with the help of apexdrop influencer company.  I came home with two amazing shirts, one of which I’m wearing in this post. This was my first time shopping at Saks off 5TH and I had a great experience but it gave me the idea for this post today.

You see, Saks is no small place. Its a relatively large convenient store. Shopping here takes time for anyone and requires just a bid more time if you’re petite. The day I went shopping, I was on a time crunch so finding clothes fast for petite individuals like myself takes some serious planing and strategy.

So, without further ado, here are my tips to effectively shop for petite clothes in a convenient store:


Striped shirt from SAKS off 5TH (similar) //  

White pants from Fashion Q (Similar) //  black kate spade purse //  gold tip heels 


1. Do your Research

Do your research before hand. Find out what stores actually carry petite collections or if their clothes run small. Make sure where you are going carries XS, SMALLS and zeros so that you aren’t waisting your time at a place that does not carry our size. Some stores actually carry something called a body scanner which is amazing for people who have atypical body size. The body scanner is for another article.

2. Wear comfortable shoes

Make sure you have some comfortable shoes on because an ordeal. Shopping when you’re petite is not a quick in and out stop, it’s a day long affair. Make sure you’ve cleared out your day and are wearing comfortable shoes before you begin.

3. Eyeball the Junior’s section

Once you’ve arrived, eye ball the junior’s section and see if there are any age appropriate styles you’d be interested in trying on.

4. Make friends with the sales associate

The sales associate is your new best friend. Once you’ve arrived the the women’s department, ask him or her to point you in the direction the the petite clothes. If they are not all in one place, ask what brands carry petite collections.

5. Track down the SMALLS rack

If there is no petite or once you’ve exhausted that rack, track down the smalls rack. Hopefully you’ll find whats left of the xxs, xs, smalls, double zeros and zeros.

6. Always try on

Don’t skip the try on step, very important. I’ve lost track of how many pieces of clothing appear to fit me well only to be hanging off my petite body.

7. Take note

Take a mental note of your experience here. Do they carry petite clothes or clothes that fit our size. How large was the collection? Based on these questions, decided if this is somewhere you’ll be shopping in the future.









The shirt in this outfit was sponsored by Saks off 5TH, however the information is unbiased and all opinions are our own.

Photography by: Natalie Alvarado

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