How to wear khaki shorts like a WOMAN not a BOYSCOUT

Let’s face it, wearing khaki shorts can make you look like a 12-year-old boy scout when you’re a petite woman. Most cargo shorts material can be overbearing for small body types.  A pair of woman’s khaki shorts meant to fall well above the knee on an average sized woman will fall below the knee on a petite woman. The waist line for tan cargo shorts typically are very wide so you’ll likely need a belt which will put you right on track with the boy scout outfit.

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I think khaki shorts for women are a great asset to a summer and spring outfit. I’m wearing mine with a white tank  and Quay sunglasses by Desi Perkins. since they complement many light-colored tops. In many cases, they are the perfect substitute for white bottoms so I’ve come up with some solutions to these problems.

  1. First, when shopping for khaki shorts look at the fabric. The shorts I’m wearing are made up of 76%Rayon, 21% Nylon and 3%spandex so they fit to my form.
  2. Second, avoid the extremely stiff khaki or cargo material.  This will prevent the shorts from flaring out and being too loose at the waist. Linen shorts tend to fall down more loosely in addition to other loose fabric in the shorts below.
  3. Third,  choose shorts that are cuffed at the bottom giving a clean cut and allowing legs to look elongated.
  4. Fourth, Avoid long khaki shorts. As a petite women you typically have shorter legs and it’s not as appealing for us to have long khaki shorts. Work out those legs ladies!
  5. Lastly, avoid the oversized pockets. They look great on average sized women but but not on petite women. They make the shorts look even more bulky.

Take a look at some of the shorts I’ve found for you. They range anywhere from casual, preppy, dressy and hipster. They resemble the shorts I’m wearing in the picture and while also following the rules listed above. Any will look amazing on a petite woman.



Photography by: Natalie Alvarado

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