blazer outfit for work // Black blazer, floral crop top and high-waisted skirt


What scared you the most about becoming a young professional?

One thing I dreaded the most about becoming a young professional was… wearing blazers. Yeah I know you weren’t expecting that AT ALL but the reality is finding a well fitting blazer especially for a petite woman is very difficult.

In this post I’ve styled a blazer that actually fits me well! Below, I’ve listed some key factors for how to find and style blazers for petite women.

chased it so long ago that I can’t remember I bought it from but I’ve listed some key factors for how to find a blazer to fit a petite woman.

Camera used: sony a6000 // Lens: sony SEL55F18Z

Black and pink floral crop top from Charlotte Russe (similar) // Pink high-waisted pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe (similar) // Suede heels from Charlottes Russe (similar) // Blazer of unknown origin (similar) // Calvin Klein crossbody purse



Some aspect to love for when shopping for a blazer as a petite women include:


1.) Small, subtle or no shoulder pads because shoulder pads can be completely over bearing for a petite women. Shoulder pads are generally for people with narrow shoulders but if you can avoid them while if you can do so when you’re small. This black blazer is the perfect example of subtle shoulder pads. This blazer is perfect for work but if your looking for a more professional outing, go for the blazer with shoulder pads.

2.) Find a blazer that matches your arm length, get the sleeves tailored if you have too. Nothing screams “child” more than oversized sleeves on a petite women. Especially if the blazer is for a professional or work outfit.  You’d be surprised how many women get there blazer sleeves individual tailored.

3) Quarter sleeves are always safe. This sleeve length feminizes every blazer. Mary Kate and Ashley have mastered tailoring blazers sleeves and the quarter sleeves extremely here in this article from popsugar.

4) Waist length blazers. Elongating your legs is always a great idea in an outfit so making sure that blazer ends right when your waist ends is major for petite women. It makes the blazer look like it was just made for you!

4) Layering your blazer. Layering your blazers can had so much depth to your outfit in so many ways. Layers can also allow for you to keep the form fitting aspect even if your shape is lost in the blazer.


I’ve included plenty of petite blazers for women below. You can include these in blazer outfits for work, blazer outfits with shorts or a blazer and dress.  The range from ASOS petite to Anne Taylor petite and boohoo petite. Hopefully you find one that works for you and so that you don’t have the same fear of blazers that I did.


Photographer: Eddy Ceballos