How to style polka dots and NOT look like mini mouse





One thing that comes to mind when a small girl wears polka dots, “She looks like some sort of Disney character.” Lucky for you, I have a few tips for you to wear polka dots while still looking mature and stylish.




Camera: canon EOS 6D Lens : Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM

navy polka dot blouse from zara (similar) //

khaki pants from H & M (similar)


The following tips are strictly my opinion from numerous years of wearing polka dot outfits as a petite woman.


  • The size matters. A polka dot design with bigger dots make you appear younger. If at all possible, stick to subtle polka dots.
  • The color navy with white polka dots is a very safe choice when it comes to color. In this case the size of dots don’t matter as much.
  • Choose the style of the outfit containing polka dots wisely. The style of the item can out weight the design and add serious maturity. As you can see in my outfit the style balances the dots nicely.
  • Avoid polkadots flair dresses and skirts, As petite individuals, we gravitate to faired dresses and skirts but make sure to avoid a polkadot pattern in these items.
  • Avoid matching polka dot accessories, for example polkadot shoes, headbands and belts as a petite women, it will put you back a few years.


With love from the pacific,

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Photography by: Natalie Alvarado

Makeup by: Marisha Danielle 

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