How to wear a bra with a backless dress

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m obsessed with backless, open back and low  back clothes. My back is one of my assets so I’m always excited when I find a cute backless dress or backless shirt. That being said, there is one question I always get, “How do you wear a bra with that?”

So I’m going to answer the commonly asked question: How to wear a bra with a backless dress?


Camera used: sony a6000 // Lens: sony SEL55F18Z

Black backless dress // Kate spade crossbody purse // strappy black heels

There are a variety of backless dresses to choose from. But with every variation comes a new obstacle for how to hide your bra. Exposed bra straps can throw off your entire outfit off.  So my answer is simple. I use PASTIES! yes, pasties have been an absolute God send for me when it comes to most of my backless clothing. I wear Petal-shaped NuBra pasties which are comfortable, discrete and natural looking.

Are Pasties for you?


COMFORT: No underwire, no discomfort involved.

FLEXIBILITY: You can wear any type of backless, low back, awkward cut outs etc

NATURAL LOOKING: They feel very real, just like an actual extension of your body

DISCREET: Nude color is great just incase a part of the pastie shows it won’t be obvious

PREVENT NIPPLE SHEER: Going without a bra is tempting with these outfits but sometimes that can leave you with sour nipples. This allows for protection and no nipple sheer against whatever fabric your dress is made of



EXCESSIVE SWEATING: DO NOT  wear these on a super hot day when you well be sweating a lot,  they will fall off just as fast as you put them on. The pasties can handle an average amount of sweat that naturally occurs during the day but not too much moister all at once

PRESERVE THE STICKINESS: Make sure to preserve the adhesive if you plan on reusing them. What I do is as soon as I take them off I press the original plastic or get a new sandwich bag against the sticky part so that it is completely covered. This will protect it from any dust or residue.

LACK OF SUPPORT: Remember there are no underwires with pasties so if you’re looking for support try the U-Plunge backless strapless adhesive or something with a little more support with a very low back.

My second outfit has a backless top but In this case I chose to not wear a bra at all. I knew I was going the be in the heat and the shirt was thick enough to which you could not see through. In this outfit Outfit details include: true religion flares with a winged sleeved white top.

With love from the pacific,

Photographer of first outfit : Eddy Ceballos

Photographer of second outfit: Dino Mosely 

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