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Standing Ab Workout

at home (no equipment required)


Are you tired of ab exercises that require you to get on the floor while putting strain and pressure on your knees and back?

Floor ab exercises can be extremely difficult when you have a back pain or knee problems. If you have issues with your back, knees or any other body part that restricts you from doing floor exercises…

Below you’ll find a great, targeted workout plan for abs that you can done all while Standing.


Elbow to knee twists




Elbow to knee twists can be done for each side of the abdomen. Start from the standing position with the arms bent with fists up to the ceiling. Bring one elbow down while simultaneously bring the opposite knee up to meet the elbow. Repeat for the duration of the exercise then switch sides.


Lunge + Knee up





The lunge and knee up combination targets the thigh muscles and the glute. Perform the lung and knee up combination on each leg for the best result.


Standing Outer Thigh Raise





Standing outer thigh raise not only targets the thigh, glut and muffing top area but it also works the core.  Perform this exercise by standing with the feet hip width apart. While maintaining balance on one foot, lift the other leg open to the side, then bring in back to the ground in a controlled manner. Keep your weight on the balancing foot for the duration of the exercise.


Standing Side Crunch





Standing side crunch works the side abdominal muscles. Arms can behind the head or in a “L” shape as pictured with legs hip width apart. While balancing on one leg, bring the knee and the elbow of the non-balancing leg up to meet then lower back down in starting position. Repeat this exercise on the other side.


Standing Cross Crunch





Standing cross crunch works the front abdominal muscles. Start arms behind the head and with legs hip width apart. While balancing on one leg, bring elbow down while simultaneously bring up the opposite knee to meet each other then lower back down to starting position. Repeat this exercise on the other side.

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