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Slim, Sexy legs and thigh workout

at home (no equipment required)


Did you know: That men prefer women who have longer then average legs (1).

Don’t worry, if long legs is not your natural body type, there are specific leg workouts that can make your legs appear to be more slim, toned and long. You can get slimmer thighs fast with this killer leg workout routine – no equipment or weights required.

Below you’ll find 7 Leg workouts to give you Slim, Sexy Legs at home, No gym required


Side Plank Dips

The side plank dips work the side abdominal muscles along with the glute, thighs, biceps and shoulders. It will give you toned, slim legs but not leave you too skinny. It’s performed by starting in the side plank position then lowering the hip until it almost touches the ground the bringing it back up to the plank position. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.



Double Straight Leg Lifts

Double straight leg lifts target the lower abs and inner thighs. They will give you long, toned and slim legs. They are performed by laying flat on the back then lifting both legs up and down without resting legs on the ground in between repetitions.



Upper Leg Raises from Side Plank

Upper leg raises target the glut and inner thigh. This killer slim legs workout is a great intense inner thigh routine to tone legs for women.   The exercise is performed by laying on one side and slowly lifting the upper leg up and down in a controlled manner.


Inner Thigh Raises

The inner thigh raise is great for fat burning in the thighs and glute. It’s performed by laying flat on one side and balancing on the foot of the upper leg place in front of you. Keep the bottom leg straight while raising it up from the ground and lowering it back down in a controlled manner.


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Leg flutter

Leg flutter kicks targets a belly pooch and helps build muscle in the core and the legs. This exercise may be hard for beginners to perform. You can perform them by laying on your back, picking up your legs 30-45 degrees and fluttering your legs back and forth in small quick movements.



Rainbow kickback

The rainbow kick is best for fat burning on the core, thighs and glute. This exercise is performed by starting on all fours. extended on straight leg out to the side then lift it to the opposite corner in an arch fashion.



Straight Leg Kickback

The straight leg kick back targets the glut and upper leg to give long, toned and slim legs. It can be performed by starting on all fours, bringing one knee to the chest then extending it out straight to the back then bring it back into the chest.


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