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So you’re packing for your ski or snowboarding trip this winter and you’re not sure what ski outfit to pack.

You’re not alone, we’ve all been there!

The most important things when it comes to women’s skiing clothes are warmth, fit, and style. If your outfit is warm and fits properly, you’ll easily forget that you’re wearing 4 layers of clothes!

A comfortable outfit will take your mind off of the cold weather and put it right back on the slopes.

Take it a step further by getting a cute ski outfit for great pictures and great memories! So how how do you figure out what outfit to pack? I’ve got you covered below!

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Ski Jackets

When it comes to choosing a ski jacket, you have plenty of options. In order to pick which one is right for you, you must ask yourself a few important questions:


What will the weather conditions be like when I’m going skiing?

Do I like to get down and dirty or would I rather stand around looking pretty?

Do I get Cold easily?


The two major different types of jackets are insulated and shell jackets.  The two types of insulated ski jackets include Down and synthetically insulated jackets.


Down Jackets – These  jackets are great for skiers who would rather sit around and look pretty on the slopes or Apres skiing.

These jackets are best in very cold, dry conditions.   Reason being, in very cold weather the down in this jacket will heat you up quickly. However, once you start skiing your body temperature will rise and you will likely over heat while wearing this jacket. Skiing is best in jackets that release heat and keep you cool. Additionally, down jackets are not ideal in wet conditions since once wet the down takes a long time to dry.


below are some down jacket options:

Synthetically insulated jackets – These  jackets are made up of man mad down which allows it to be waterproof, more breathable and less bulky. These jackets are more ideal for moving around in and skiing in since you are a lot less likely to over heat in them than with the down jackets.

These jackets are for active skiers in wet, cold weather. On the contrary, since these jackets loose heat quickly they are not ideal to walk around in very cold weather.


below are some synthetically insulated jacket options:

Shell ski jackets These jackets are perfect for you if you are on a budget. These jackets are typically cheaper than insulated jackets but can be just as effective if you wear them correctly. If you properly layer your clothes underneath  than this jacket can serve as the top lay. This is ideal for those who heat up pretty quickly with activity. This jacket is waterproof and in some instances serve as a windbreaker. It is great for active skiers and snowboarders in wet, warm weather.


below are some synthetically insulated jacket options:


Ski Pants

When it comes to ski pants the three things I look for are waterproofing, warmth and pockets.  Waterproofing and warmth will depend on where you are going skiing. If you are going to a location that is wet and warm, you’ll want pants that require more waterproofing to prevent the wet snow from getting into your boots. Conversely, if skiing in a locations that is that are cold and dry, waterproofing isn’t as necessary. This is important when considering cost since higher waterproof pants tend to be more expensive.

Another factor I look for are pockets. I like to walk around in my ski pants so I like to store snacks and other things in the pockets.


below are some great ski pants options:


Putting it all together

Now time for the fun stuff, putting together the ski outfits ideas. We all have different styles and preferences for ski clothes. If you love the color black, grey or pink I’ve put together some cute ski outfit ideas just for you! They include fashionable ski jackets, winter coats, pants, helmets, goggles, long sleeves, ugg boots, and products.  check them on the sidebar of this article. Click on the image to shop directly from the pin!

Happy Skiing!

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