Bikini Body


  • Easy to follow circuit workouts (5)
  • Beginner, Moderate, advanced levels
  • Ab, Leg & Glute, Upper Body
  • 25 sec. & 30 sec. intervals
  • Progress at your own rate
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  • 80+ page exercise guide
  • Targeted muscle groups
  • “How to” instructions for each exercise
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Bonuses include:

  • Private Support Group
  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Grocery List
  • Daily Exercise Tracker
  • Weekly Weight loss Tracker
  • Body Measurements Tracer
  • Skin Tightening Techniques
  • How to Take Your Own Body Measurements – Guide

Included in the Challenge:

  • Helpful Products
  • Template for Before & After Pictures
  • Template for Before & After Measurements
  • Food Diary
  • Creating your customized meal schedule with intermittent fasting
  • 7 – Day Journal Entree series
  • Audio Lesson – How to Identify Triggers for Overeating
  • Audio Lesson – How to Reprogram Your Subconsious
  • Audio Lesson – How Failure Can Help You Lose Weight


  • Protein serving sizes
  • Carbohydrate serving sizes
  • Pre-Planned meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack
  • Option to plan your own meals


  • Beginner, moderate, advanced levels
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Guide for each muscle targeted for individual exercise
  • Ab exercise guide
  • Leg & Glute exercise guide
  • Upper Body exercise guide
  • Ab workout circuits x 3 (beginner, moderate, advanced)
  • Leg & Glute workout circuit x 1 (all levels)
  • Upper Body circuit x 1 (moderate level)
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Katerina is a Registered Nurse, Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Weight Management.

She created The 30 – Day Bikini Body Challenge to help women overcome their limiting beliefs, reach their optimal body and ideal health.


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