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5 Slimming effects of One Piece swimsuits 


When you’re preparing to go on your summer vacation, do you ever worry about how slim you’re going to look in your swimsuit?

The summer season is all about showing off skin in the sun but it can be very frustrating when all you can think about is how much a swimsuit can bring attention to your body insecurities!

Even worse is when you spend a lot of money on a summer vacation or a summer activities that doesn’t end up being all that fun to you because your more concerned with how you look in your swimsuit than the actually experience.

Rather than running from your fears, invest in a one piece swimsuit. This is a swimsuit style that will allow you to embrace your body while looking cute & classy in the process.  So lets get into 5 slimming effects of one piece swimsuits:


1. High cut out above the hip bones – this accentuates the hips giving you a hour glass figure. It also makes it look like your legs are longer elongating your legs and shortening the length of your waist. 

2. Low cut out back – showing off the the upper back can give off a  feminine, vintage look. The upper back is also one of the last places where women typically experience weight gain.

3 – V neck – elongates the neck and makes your body appear longer and more slim

4- Low cut outs below armpits – This makes the swimsuit look like its stretching upward making you look taller and more slim

5- Covering belly fat – Once piece swimsuits coving up the abdomen. This can hid the tummy where most women tend to put on weight.

6- Hidden love handles – The Leg cut off of the one piece swimsuit comes above the hip bone but cuts off right before getting to the love handles area. So you don’t have to worry about your love handles being exposed like in two piece swimsuits. 

Now go enjoy yourself this summer, love your body and love the skin you are in! Below are pictures from my trip to Turks and Caicos where I wore this one piece swimsuit from Zara.



There you have it, the 6 slimming effects of one piece swimsuits. 

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With love from the pacific, Katerina

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