My Story

I was never the girl who said, “I want to travel the world when I grow up”.


I was never the girl who said, “I want to travel the world when I grow up”. Honestly I was perfectly content with growing up in Virginia, getting a job, getting married and staying in my home town. This was because I never knew Travel was an option for me.

My family actually did travel a lot when I was very young. I grew up with a dad in the military and my family live in many places including England, California, Idaho, Alabama and Virginia. We even took family vacations to Disney world and beaches. But that was all short lived.

When I was 8, my parents got divorced. It was at this point that the traveling stopped.


I mean really Stopped.

We barely had money to go to our local lake. Our family trips consisted of going to a local park and that was about it. So traveling wasn’t even an option for me. My mom worked to put food on the table because that was the priority. So life as I knew it was within the four walls of my home in Virginia.

“We barely had money to go to our local lake.”


My on the right with two of my sisters



When I got to college I was surrounded by young adults who loved to travel. Unlike me, they had families that took them on vacation every year. They were well versed in the world, spoke various languages and studied abroad to practice those languages.


Nursing School Class 2011




Close friends in college


This was a brand new world for me. I went on many local trips and 2 International trips during my time in college and this changed my life forever. In order to go on these trips I knew I couldn’t ask my parents so I worked (in addition to being a full time college student at a prestigious university), saved, planned and budgeted..and this is where my budget traveling all started.

The first international trIp in college was to Jamaica. I traveled there with close friends, and to be honest they did most of the planning. At this point, traveling was very new to me.  Working night shift in the hospital while working as a full time student was hard but  I saved up the money to go. And it was well worth it.  The culture, food and experience was amazing. It was my first time on a jet ski which I almost fell off of multiple time. We ate jerk chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner.. (college student diet).. what else could you ask for!


Hello Jamaica!


My second international trip in college was to the Caribbean Islands. I then went on a study abroad trip to St. Kits and Nevis where I saw some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen and learned valuable lessons about medical conditions abroad. For this  trip I actually mustard up the courage to ask my parents for money. “Come on dad it’s a Study abroad, it’s for school” I begged.


“I saw some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen…”


I ended up paying for this trips as well.

It was hard to pay for but I was getting better budgeting and saving at this point. On this trip I went hiking in beautiful rain forests, went snorkeling the the ocean for the first time and ate amazing food. We also practices international medical evacuation drills.



I graduated college as a Distinguished Major with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. There was a big  world ahead of me and I didn’t know what part to tackle first. After gathering a few years of experience, I was lucky enough to become a travel nurse and traveled with my job. By the age of 27 I’d worked in 4 states and 9 cities. I then began traveling outside of work and have been to endless cities within 6 Countries and counting. I’ve done all of this traveling while working full time as a nurse, paying of school loans and saving for a house.


Through Pacificepetite I want to inspire you to do what you love most, despite any barriers that are in your way. If you want to travel the world, experience cultures and new experiences but are limited by your budget, traveling is still possible for you.  I hope to inspire others through Pacificpetite by sharing my life as an adventurous woman who wasn’t always given resources to pursue her dreams. You are never too old, too broke or too small to travel the world.


“You are never too old, too broke or too small to travel the world.”


Happy Traveling!


-With love from the Pacific



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