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How to get Rid of a Muffin top – Fast and Easy workout plan

at home (no equipment required)


Are you looking to get rid of your muffin top in order to look better in fitted t-shirts, tank tops and even fitted dresses?

Or maybe you’re tired of trying to cover the bulging love handles that are falling over your jeans and swimsuit bottoms. You’d be glad to know that there are specific exercises you can do right at home, that will help you eliminate the love handles fast.

Although exercising is effective in burning fat off of love handles, it’s also important to remember that diet plays a prominent role in getting rid of a muffin top. For more information on how to lose a muffin top by healthy eating, check out the meal plan here.

Below you’ll find 11 Workouts to get rid of a Muffin Top


Side Crunch (R)

The right side crunch is best for fat burning in one side of the waist and targeting muffin top fat. It’s performed by laying down flat on the back then turning the knees to the left. Crunch straight up and down while keeping the knees turned to the side.



Side Crunch (L) 

The left side crunch targets the other side of the waist, burning muffin top fat on the left side. It’s performed by laying down flat on the back then turning the knees to the right. Crunch straight up and down while keeping the knees turned to the side.



Ankle taps

Ankle taps burn muffin top fat and eliminate love handles. It’s performed by laying on the back with knees bent, facing the ceiling with both feet flat on the ground. Lift the head off the ground, extend both arms straight on either side and bend at the waist, reaching to the ankle of the same side. Alternate this movement from side to side for the duration of the workout.



Side Plank Hold

The side plank helps build core muscle on the mid and side abs. It’s best performed by resting on one elbow while facing the side and placing the other arm either on the hip or by the side. This exercise is great for beginners since the time you hold the side plank can vary. Hold this position for the duration of the exercise.




Side Plank Dips

The side plank dips are an intense workout that can get ride of muffin top. They work the core and side abd muscles along with the glut, biceps and shoulders. It’s performed by starting in the side plank position then lowering the hip until it almost touches the ground the bringing it back up to the plank position. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.



Side Plank Crunch

The side crunch builds muscle in the side obliques. It is not that easy so it’s not best for beginners. The exercise can be performed by starting in the side plank position, raising the arm that is facing the ceiling up above the head with the leg extended. Slowly bend the leg and bring the knee to meet the elbow then extend again. Repeat for duration of the exercise.


Plank Knee to Elbow

The plank elbow targets the love handles, abdominal muscles and also the obliques. This killer exercise requires no gym equipment or weights and is performed by beginning in a straight arm plank position with legs hip width apart. While maintaining a tight core and flat back, bring one knee up to the elbow on the same side, with the knee facing out. Repeat this movement on each side in a controlled manner.


Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers help with weightloss by targeting muffin top, the lower core and legs. You can perform this intense ab workout by laying on your back, picking up both of your legs and swinging them in an arch notion from one side to another side.


Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts work the side obliques, thighs and glut muscle. It can be performed by laying down and resting the body completely on the side, then raising both legs (with feet together) off the ground to about a 30 degree angle then resting back on the ground. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.


Russian Twists

The russian twists is a great exercise to get ride of a muffin top. This exercise targets the core abdominal muscles and the obliques. It is performed by sitting up with the legs bent and feet together, resting on the ground in front of you. Twist at the torso to one side till you are facing one side then twist to the opposite side. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.


Single Leg Reach cross

The cross body toe touch is an easy exercise that targets the lower and upper abs along with the upper legs. A beginner can perform this simple core exercise with little difficulty. Start by laying flat on your back, with the arms above the head and legs hip width apart. Lift one arm from the ground while bringing up the opposite leg and reaching for the ankle. Crunch at the maximum point then relax the arm and leg back down. Repeat on the other side.

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