The brighter the sun gets this summer the more likely you’ll need to introduce a vital addition to your summer outfits.

Wearing hats this summer will not only protect you from damaging sun rays but will also give your summer outfit a much needed flare. You can give your summer outfit personality of it’s own just by wearing a beautiful hat.

Whether you’re wearing baseball hats with a casual outfit, vintage knit beanie hats for a boho or hipster fashion, a fancy Fedora hat for a more trendy, there are various types of that are perfect for the summer.

But one question remains which is: How to wear hats this summer?

My hat collection isn’t the biggest but I do have a wide variety of hats and headgear that I can wear for most summer occasions. My personal favorite hat style is the floppy hat!  I like to wear my floppy hats to the beach. I also try to make sure that my hats don’t resemble sombrero hats or cowboy hats either.

Additionally, I try to make sure I have the right hairstyles for hats when I wear floppy hats. The perfect hair for hats like these floppy hats are to wear your hair down and wavy.

In addition to floppy hats, I like to wear other head gear like beanie hats. If you style them right, you can get a very casual or hipster, cute hat look with beanie hats.

My last go to piece of head gear is not quite at hat but is more like a crown. I like to wear flower crowns with my summer outfits because the . This has been very popular the the wedding community the flower crown can be worn during many other occasions. My flower frowns are DIY and I wear them with maxi dresses.

Below are the 5 ways I style my headgear and hats for the summer:


With love from the pacific,


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