The brighter the sun gets this summer the more likely you’ll need to introduce a vital addition to your summer outfits.

Wearing hats this summer will not only protect you from damaging sun rays but will also give your summer outfit a much needed flare. You can give your summer outfit personality of it’s own just by wearing a beautiful hat.

Whether you’re wearing baseball hats with a casual outfit, vintage knit beanie hats for a boho or hipster fashion, a fancy Fedora hat for a more trendy, there are various types of that are perfect for the summer.

But one question remains which is: How to wear hats this summer?

My hat collection isn’t the biggest but I do have a wide variety of hats and headgear that I can wear for most summer occasions. My personal favorite hat style is the floppy hat!  I like to wear my floppy hats to the beach. I also try to make sure that my hats don’t resemble sombrero hats or cowboy hats either.

Additionally, I try to make sure I have the right hairstyles for hats when I wear floppy hats. The perfect hair for hats like these floppy hats are to wear your hair down and wavy.

In addition to floppy hats, I like to wear other head gear like beanie hats. If you style them right, you can get a very casual or hipster, cute hat look with beanie hats.

My last go to piece of head gear is not quite at hat but is more like a crown. I like to wear flower crowns with my summer outfits because the . This has been very popular the the wedding community the flower crown can be worn during many other occasions. My flower frowns are DIY and I wear them with maxi dresses.

Below are the 5 ways I style my headgear and hats for the summer:


  1. Crochet beanie – super light and trendy. I wore mine with an off the shoulder romper. Find some cute net beanies here, or in the widget below.



2. Black Floppy Hat – These big hats won’t just protect you from the summer sun but they also can make any summer outfit and swimsuit look that much more put together. I like mine extra floppy, but I have to be careful that it won’t blow away in the wind on the beach.  Shop some cute floppy hat styles here or check out the ones below.

3. Flower Crown -Wearing a flower crown literally makes you feel like a queen, especially if you pair it with the right sundress. I made mine from scratch but you can find them pre-made here.

4. Mix wreath crown



5. Floppy Straw Hat – These hat is a staple for the summer! Just heavy enough to keep away the wind, but light enough to not make you sweat while on the beach! Find some cut straw hats here.




With love from the pacific,