How to wear a bralette

Bralettes are super cute and versatile. When it comes to ideas for how to wear a bralette outfit, there are plenty of styles to choose from. I’ve listed 5 options for you below but first I want to show you how I styled mine.  I decided to wear this white lace bralette with casual floral pants. This outfit is a great summer inspiration.




Options for how to wear a bralette:

1. Wear an interesting designed back bralette with a cut out or low back fitness top.  Use bralettes to add cute back fashion to your cut out and low back fitness tops.

2. Dress up the bralette by pairing it with a skirt! The first option is a lace bralette and a leather skirt. A cute look for a concert or festival. The second is a little more classy with a triangle top bralette and a wrap skirt. The last option is a very casual summer look with a cross over bralette and a high waisted full length skirt.


3. It is possible to also wear bralettes in a modest and conservative setting for work or for family occasions. You can do this by wearing a halter lace bralette and pairing it with an off the shoulder sweater that contrasts the color of the bralette so that it stands out as an accent. This way you are wearing a bralette modestly.

4. For a trendy and edgy look, try wearing a bralette with a transparent shirt or sweater. The first option is a dark bralette with a white mesh sweater, making the contrast more obvious. The second options is a matching black bralette and fishnet draw string sweater. Lastly, a  fancy look with a black bralette and a knit crop sweater.

5. Wearing a bralette with big tank tops are perfect for hiding the side bob. If you choose this style, you’re pretty much wearing the bralette as a bra but it’s also serving as an accent color underneath of your shirt as well. For more of a boho style, wear it with with leggings, jean pants or jean shorts.


I hope these were helpful tips for you if you’re wonder how to style the bralette. Let me know which one you tried in the comments below!


With love from the pacific,