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How to Grow Abs

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11 Workouts for flat Sexy Abs – Without the gym


Are you missing serious muscle and tone in your stomach? Looking to tone and build muscle in your abs with just the right workout plan and core exercises?

Getting a flat tummy with defined abs takes a lot of hard work but it’s worth every bit of sweat. I personally took a few months to originally build my abs and now I simply maintain my toned core.

Gaining abs will help you get closer to the bikini body you’ve always wanted.

These three simple steps will put you right on track to a flat tummy by helping you build muscle in your stomach and core. The last step contains four workout plans for each specific part of your abdomen. But most importantly..

A majority of these workout plans can be done right at home so you can start today!

1.Frequency of Workouts

Work stomach muscles every two to three days. Be sure to include abdominal exercises as part of a scheduled cardio workout or weight training workout.

2. Variation is Key

For flat stomach training you should include one exercise for each of the abdominal muscle groups and one exercise for your lower back.

3. Guide to choosing proper exercises:

Rectus abdominis muscle

In order to workout the rectus abdominis muscle, your exercise choices should include flexing motions of the spine such as crunches and crunch variations like bicycle crunches,


sit ups,

and sit up variations, hanging leg raises or knee ups. Front planks are also good for this muscle group.


External and internal obliques 

When working out this aspect of your abs, twisting and rotating motions are good exercises. This is because they work both the external and the internal oblique muscles. As you rotate to your left, your left external oblique and your right internal oblique are doing the work and vice versa. Twisting motions include: lunging with twists,

windshield wiper

russian twists 

Additional exercises that require gym equipment are cable torso twists and wood choppers.

Transverse abdominis

Sucking in your stomach can actually work these muscles but if you want a real exercise, planks are your best bet. front planks

one arm plank,

bent knee plank

Low back muscles

Gym: simple contraption at the gym that allows you to do back extensions, bridges.

Home: Back extensions on a stability ball or from the floor by lying on your stomach and lifting all 4 limbs off the ground.

Back extension off the ground

Back extension on a stability ball

Bridges can also help low back muscles.

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During a typical flat stomach workout you’d include several sets of a flexing exercises, twisting exercise, planking exercise and extending exercise.

For more exercises including inner thigh workouts, butt workouts try this great fitness guide with over 80 exercises, and 5 video circuit routines. If you looking for an exercise and diet plans along with a supportive community, for weight loss join the 30 – Day Bikini body Challenge. In this 30 day challenge you’ll join a community of women looking to transform their bodies and health. You’ll get complete guides to help you shift your mindset as well as various diet plans and workout guides every week.

All the Best!

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