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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat for Beginners

So you’ve been working out, for what seems like forever, and you can’t seem to get ride of that stubborn stomach fat.

You try your hardest to cover it up with your clothes but you can’t ignore your gut spilling over your pants while you are getting dressing in the morning, and changing into your pjs at night. You also notice the extra abdominal weight is causing you to lose your breath more easily when climbing stairs and when bending over.

No matter how well defined your stomach muscles become, you have to get rid of the stomach fat layer that is coveirng up your abs

Although stomach fat is a very common issue for both men and women, there are easy ways to decrease stomach fat that you can start today!

1.Diversify your workouts

It’s important to diversify your workout routines. Weight training alone or cardio alone is not enough to erase the last bit of stored fat. In order to avoid doing workouts that don’t result in burning belly fat, be sure to use well rounded workout routines. Certain routines may include: Weight training, High intensity cardio intervals, and Arerobic fat burning sessions. Avoid stairs as they are too low resistance to burn fat, instead do higher intensity workouts. For exercises options for weight loss checkout the weight loss bikini body challenge Exercise Guide which includes 80+ step by step exercises for beginners, moderate level and advanced to work your way up. It also includes follow along video circuit training for abs, upper body, leg and glute. 

2. Reduce your stress ASAP

The more stressed you are, the more cortisol hormone that is being released into your bloodstream. Studies show a link between cortisol and weight gain in that an increase in cortisol levels is associated with fat redistribution from other parts of the body to the abdominal area (1). Studies also show that individuals with a higher WHR tend to excrete higher amounts of cortisol during stressful times (2). Reduce your stress load in order to stop this vicious cycle!

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3. Truly examine your diet

Specific foods are contributing to you packing on the belly fat in your stomach. Be sure to eliminate or significantly moderate these three belly fat triggers: High sugar starchy foods, process package goods and alcohol. These particular diet modifications will dramatically increase your stomach fat.

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