The Ultimate Grocery List for Weight loss

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It’s frustrating when you’re not able to lose weight even after consuming a low calorie diet along with exercise.

You may not understand why you are still feeling sluggish, tired, heavy and even bloated. After doing all the right things, the weight just won’t come off

You might be surprised to find out that you’re liver can actually be GREATLY contributing to these unwanted symptoms!  That makes you wonder…


How does the liver play a role in weight gain?





The liver has various functions including removing toxins from the body.

Many people believe cutting down on drinking alcohol is equivalent to a  liver detox.

Not quite…

The liver not only breaks down alcohol but also has many other functions which include:

  1. Removing other toxins from the blood including pesticides & toxins from normal digestion
  2. Breaking down hormones like insulin, estrogen and cortisol
  3. Helping to regulate blood sugar by breaking down carbohydrates into glucose during digestion

among other things..

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Weight gain can often be attributed to inflammation.  When something is inflamed it is holding on to water. 

One way to visualize this is: Imagine you get an injury like a bug bite and the site swells. Or if you have a injury that gets infected, it swells.

So where does this inflammation on the body come from. Many times its from the liver. 


Once you detoxify the liver, you detoxify your body and systemic inflammation will decrease.

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There are many foods that serve as natural liver detoxification foods. Some can be found here: Top 5 Detox foods to help you lose belly fat. You can also go through a complete Liver detox by following a Liver detox book: The 9-Day Liver detox Diet where you can cleanse your liver through specific foods, drinks, and fasts.

There you have it, how a liver detox can help you lose weight today. If you’re interested in furthering your weight loss, consider joining the weight loss program  :  30 – Day bikini body challenge  which includes a 21-day meal plan that starts off with a two day detox. The plan includes specific daily meals and guidelines to follow with an intermittent fasting schedule. The challenge also includes an Exercise guide with over 80 exercises and 5 video circuit workouts for beginner, moderate and advance levels. The guide breaks down each exercise and which muscles they target and includes work outs for abs, upper body, legs and glute. 


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