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Ketogenic Diet for Weight loss – 4 Simple Steps

4 simple ways the keto diet can help you lose weight-3

It’s irritating going from diet to diet BUT not seeing results even when you feel like you are following all of the diet’s rules.

You may not understand why you’re not getting the results you desperately need, even though you’re following every last bit of the diet.  But WHY? 

Some diets have no real biological guidelines or premise. They are just arbitrary meals put together by people who don’t understand the physical and chemical aspects of the body and it’s relation to weight loss.

The Ketogenic diet, on the other hand, has biological processes that lead to weight loss. So you might be wondering:

How can a Keto diet help me lose weight? 

Well we first must start by breaking down the name of the diet.

What does Keto mean? 

The body can run on two different fuels. One is sugars like in carbohydrates in bread, pasta, rice. Other fuel is fat.

The Keto diet is so low in carbs that the body has to switch to using fat for fuel, especially real fats such as avocados, olive oil, etc. When the body is out of sugar, fat is converted into energy molecules called ketones. The Ketogenic diet is a result of this process. 

How does Keto diet lead to weight loss? 

1. Higher metabolism

When consuming a higher amount of fats on this diet, studies show an increase in fat oxidation while at rest. This means, while on this diet you are more likely to burn fat while at rest. This fat burning process can last as long as 20 days after completion of the ketogenic diet.


2.Reduce caloric intake

Avoiding most carbohydrates like sugar, processed junk food, bread, pasta and rice. When following keto you are getting the maximum low carbohydrate intake.


3. Feel satiated and full

Many people report feeling full faster while on this diet. Increased satiety of the keto diet is largely associated with increased satiation effect of protein. As the protein intake is increased, the feeling of fullness increases as well.


4. Reduced cravings

This particular diet can help with reduction of cravings, not only from the higher satiety effect of proteins, but also from the appetite suppressant caused by ketosis. The appetite can also occur due to the suppression of certain hormones such as gherlin. Gherlin is a hormone in the body that is responsible for hunger so when this hormone is suppressed you’ll notice a decrease in your hunger and cravings.

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