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You can find the perfect housing and living accommodations right here! I've set up a search box in order to make it easier for you. Finding the right place to stay for your travels is not always easy because you may not know where exactly to start.  Also, housing and accommodations is one of the biggest costs when it comes to traveling so once you find something affordable you are saving a lot of money on your trip already. In order use this page to find the best deals:  

1.Don't specify the dates
First search for an accommodation without choosing specific dates of stay. You can do this by clicking the box "I don't have specific dates yet". This will open up of plenty of housing options that you can search by price and/or type.    

2.Search for a broad period of time
If not specifying a specific date is too broad of a search for you, try searching for a very broad period of time either for the span of an entire month of a few months. This limits your search to the time you are willing to travel while also allowing for a broad enough period for you to compare prices.   

3. Start with Hostels
Hostels will generally be the most affordable housing option. These are typically share living spaces that involve twin beds, shared rooms and bathrooms. Make sure to look for pictures and get a full description of the hostel before booking so you know what you are in for.   

4. Use points for Hotels
Hotels tend to be more expensive but you can get around this by using credit cards points and miles to redeem points for discounts and free hotel stays.

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