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26 Swimsuits Every Curvy Girl needs this Summer

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Are you planning a beach vacation or are you preparing to make some trips to the pool this season but you’re paranoid that people will notice that you haven’t dropped the extra pounds you picked up this winter?

No need to worry! You no longer need to have a complete flat stomach to rock stylish bikinis! If you’re struggling with one of the many different types of belly fat but would still like to shop for cute swimsuits, high waisted bathing suits will be perfect for you. 


There are currently plenty of bikini options on the market for women of all body types. High waisted bathing suits, in particular, are great options for curvy girls, plus size and women of every body. This is because these swimsuits are cute, modest and extremely flattering. The high waisted style bikini bottom can easily cover belly fat, muffin tops, loose skin and even stretch marks on the stomach and hips. These bikini bottoms create a corset affect around the slower belly by holding in the bottom half of your waist. It then shows off the thinnest part of your stomach which is the upper  area immediately under the bust. Another perk to high waisted bathing suits, is that they are affordable and available in most styles.


Below I’ve listed 7 various styles of affordably priced high waisted swimsuit bottoms that cover belly fat.


1. Floral High Waisted Bathing Suits

Add design and pattern on the bottom half with these cute, floral high waisted bikini bottoms. Shop all floral high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

2. High Waisted Bathing Suits with Black Bottoms

If you are really trying to look slim in your bikini bottom, be sure to choose dark colors. Dark colors, especially black, are extremely flattering to curvy girls. They will give you the appearance of being much slimmer and longer. The dark shadows created by belly fat and muffin top rolls will blend in to the dark color of the bikini bottom. Shop all black high waisted bathing suit bottoms >>here<<

3. High Waisted Bathing Suits with Vertical stripes

When it comes to wearing stripes, vertical stripes provide an elongation appearance while horizontal stripes cause a widening appearance. This still holds true in bikinis as well. The swimsuits provided below are not all high waisted but include a vertical stripe pattern along with belly fat coverageShop all vertical striped high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

4. Mesh High Waisted Bathing Suits

Mesh high waisted bikini bottoms are still cute but modest. They include partial shear/see through fabric allowing for more skin exposure than the standard high waisted bikini bottom. This particular style is less modest and is perfect if you’re looking for a cute and sexy swimsuit that is still suitable for curvy girls. Shop all mesh, high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

5. Cut-out High Waisted Bathing Suits  

Cut-out high waisted bikini bottoms include various fabric cut-outs providing cute original styes. Similar to the mesh high waisted bikini bottoms, these swimsuits also offer slightly more skin exposure. This style can also be very flattering to curves and plus size women as long as the cut-outs are in the right places. Shop all cut-out high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

6. High hip cut – High Waisted Bathing Suits  

The high hip cut bikini bottom can cause the body to appear slimmer by causing the legs to look elongated. They also accentuate the curves of the hips making this style especially flattering for curvy girls. Shop all high hip cut, high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

7. Strapped/High Waisted Bathing Suits

Strapped, high waisted bikini bottoms all include those with lace, straps and tie up bottoms as well. This style has been very trendy over the last few summer seasons and is perfect for curves and pear shaped body types. Shop all strapped, lace, tie up, high waisted bathing suits >>here<<

There you have it! The Ultimate list of high waisted bikini bottoms that easily cover belly fat. If you’re looking to get in better shape and get rid of belly fat to fit into most other styles of bikinis without worrying about belly fat coverage, consider joining the 30 – Day Bikini Body Challenge. This challenge consists of meal plans according to intermittent fasting. We also work through any mindset blocks you might be experiencing when it comes to weight loss. There challenge includes over 80 exercises, circuit workouts and more.

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Katerina is a blogger and a registered nurse. As a former NFL Cheerleader finalist, she is all too familiar with well fitted bikinis. Katerina is also certified in holistic nutrition, weight management and is passionate about travel, petite fashion, purposeful living and natural skin care.

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