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Full Body Workout – 7 Minute HIIT

at home workout (no equipment required)


It’s the question you ask yourself when you’re trying to workout: “Why is Getting in Shape So Hard for women?”

I mean who has time to wake up at 5:00 am every morning, go to the gym before work or before school, on a daily basis!?. Who has the energy to pack a gym bag the night before, prepare workout clothes for the next day or even find someone to go with to the gym? Most women have multiple responsibilities throughout the day, and unfortunately going to the gym doesn’t always make the “priority” list.

Not to mention expensive personal trainers – who has the money for that? The entire process of “getting in shape” comes across as extremely energy draining, time consuming, none inclusive  and costly.

How can you make working out EASY?

Well the reality is, it doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t have to go all the way to the gym to workout and get in shape, you can do a quick and effective full body workout in the comfort of your own home. No extra equipment is even required, just a yoga mat to protect your knees, and water to stay hydrated.

Below you will find 9 Full Body HIIT exercises to you can do at home – with no equipment.

Do them individually or in a Full Body HIIT workout routine.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are the perfect warm up exercise to get your heart blood flowing and heart pumping. Jumping jacks are simple, so beginners will not have difficulty doing them. They work the full body – arms, legs and core.





When performing the Hiit, full bod workout at home, its great to alternate between fast pace workouts and slower pace workouts. After doing the fast pace jumping jacks, progress to a slower, less intense workout like squats which primarily works on toning the glut and leg muscles.




Lunge + Knee Up

The HIIT, Full Body workout at home must include exercises for toning each leg individually. The lunge and knee up combination targets the thigh muscles and the glut. Perform the lung and knee up combination on each leg for the best result.




Up and Down Plank

Move down to the floor for the next part of the hiit workout. Find a nice clear space at home to perform this next part of the workout. The up and down plank is great for weightloss and for toning the core, back and arms. It can be done right at home by starting in the push up position. One arm should then lower to the elbow, followed by the other arm. Once in plank position, immediately straighten one arm back to push up position then the other arm.




Russian Twists 

The Russian twists is an easy fat burning workout for the abs and the obliques. It is performed by sitting up with the legs bent and feet together, resting on the ground in front of you. Twist at the torso to one side till you are facing one side then twist to the opposite side. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.




Cross body mountain climbers

Cross body mountain climbers is slightly more advanced and can be a little too intense for beginners. This exercise builds strength in the abs, leg and arm muscles. Start in the push position then try to touch one knee to the opposing elbow. Keep alternating from one knee to the next for the duration of the exercise.




The easy table top crunch is a great low impact ab exercise to incorporate in your full body workout at home. No equipment is required for this exercise and it is not too advanced. Perform this exercise as if you are doing a basic crunch but lift the legs in the table top position, at a 90 degree angle.




Double straight leg

Double straight leg lifts are slightly more advanced but extremely effective in fat burning. Although this exercise is not too easy, it builds strength in the abs, gets rid of a belly pooch resulting in a flat tummy. It provides a full lower body workout. This intense exercise is not for beginners and is performed by laying flat on the back then lifting both legs up and down without resting legs on the ground in between repetitions.




Leg flutters

Leg flutter kicks can be an intense workout that targets a lower belly pooch and helps build muscle in the core and the legs. This exercise may be hard for beginners to perform. You can perform them by laying on your back, picking up your legs 30-45 degrees and fluttering your legs back and forth in small quick movements.


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