How to Find Cheap Flights


You don’t have to spend a fortune when booking flights last minute. There are plenty of tips to show you how to book cheap flights, so lets talk about the fastest way to find these flight deals in under an hour.



Maintaining an on going list of credible flight resources might be one of the best ways to help you find cheap flights fast.

Is finding a cheap flight last minute even possible? 



When you start rushing to find a fight and you only seem to find expensive flights,  it’s very easy to assume these prices are you’re only options.

How likely are you to keep searching when you don’t find the price you want right away?

On the other hand, it’s very MOTIVATING to find a great price to your destination early on in your search.

This is why the  guide  Travel more – pay less (basically, a guide to affordable world travel) is so successful! There’s an entire chapter designated to affordable airplane tickets, by the end of it you’ll be booking cheap flights in your sleep.


 1. Cookies are getting in your way

No, I don’t think you’re nibbling on cookies while searching for flight deals.

It’s the web “cookies” I’m referring to. When ever you enter a certain route and dates into a flight search engine like Kayak or Expedia, a “cookie” gets installed into your browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc).

When you come back to this site the search engine will “remember” that you checked this specific itinerary before and often will increase the price to create urgency and get you to guy this flight ticket.

To avoid this, you have two options

You first option is to clear your cache. Here is a great instructional video for how to do this on a mac. or you can use Google chromes Incognito mode for anonymous browsing:

2. Start with Kayak

Kayak typically has the best deals so cut out all the extra time you were going take on searching other websites and come straight here in the beginning. When comparing prices use Momondo which comes with great deals and shows you the best prices during a 30 day period.


3. Finding your own direct flights with skyscanner

When you find your own direct flights, you avoid flight inflation that airlines add to your total flight cost.

Using Skyscanner is an amazing resource to do this and I’ll tell you exactly how:

Ill use myself as an example. Say I’m looking to travel home to Washington DC from LA.


FIRST I’ll go to and find this screen. I enter the following:

From: LAX (your local airport)

To: Everywhere

Depart: Entire month of November (This will give all available options for that month but you can even choose cheapest month if you’re really flexible!)

Make sure “one-way” is chosen and “non-stop flights” is checked.


Here are my flight options and they starting as low as just $31 for a flight to Los vegas!

Lets say I go with that option and look at the days the flight is the LOWEST.


Second: I Write down the days that the flight is the lowest and only look at those days for the next flight(s).


I’ll finally search flights leaving Los Vegas during the month of November and I’ll match up two cheap flight days.




If I went with with Nov. 8th: LAX –> Vegas $35 Vegas –> DCA $53

Total flight $88 one-way.



When comparing it to a direct flight to DCA on the exact same date it comes out to $113. They inflated it $25 which seems like a little now but the next direct flight is $140.

With this technique, you are letting your destination determine your travel, you will get more options closer to the $88 price range but with varied times and dates. So this strategy requires flexibility but you will save serious money.



4. Flight pricing errors are your friend.

So everyone makes mistakes, including airlines. BUT when the airline makes a flight pricing error you can take advantage of it.

With this hack you can find airline mistakes on airfare and get ridiculously inexpensive pricing.

One well known error made by airlines was in 2013 where several US cities listed return flights to Hawaii for $7 USD. The cause was a computer glitch but many others are caused by human error.

How do you get these pricings? 

For more information about secretflying, Thrifty nomads lays out this travel hack in great detail.


Lastly, if you need a guide to help make all of your travels quick and affordable, I’ve got you covered. This is EXACTLY the entire what the book Travel More – Pay Less is centered around. Its a through, easy to consume resource guide.

The book is designed to break your false travel ideas, especially especially about the cost, and provided you with all the valuable resource you need to travel more often while saving money.

The best part is, the book was designed in such a way that it can be reread multiple times if everything didn’t click the first time. The majority of people use this book aren’t millionaires with a massive amount of money to put toward traveling. They are normal everyday people like you with a passion to see the world. After reading this book, it changes their life by giving them the knowledge to see the travel which is worth more than all the money in the world.


If you are READY to move toward a more meaningful life through travel and exploration, check Travel more – Pay less.




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