8 Reasons you can Afford to Travel the World




If you want to travel more but you can’t afford it, these 8 reasons why you can afford to travel  will help you change your situation and Travel the World.

Your 9-5 is burning you out so you start searching for a weekend get away..

but NO FLIGHTS are in your budget.

Looks like you’re staying home.

You then look up hotel packages advertised as “deals”..

but these so called “deals” would cost you an ENTIRE PAYCHECK. Suddenly staying home doesn’t seem so bad.

You find yourself on social media, watching everyone else travel the world while you’re home on the couch ..then the process repeats itself.

Does that sound familiar?

To be honest, Traveling the world is a lot more attainable than you think.Your Travel costs are influenced by a number of factors including your mindset and knowledge of the right resources. Read below for additional insight, and scroll to the end for one simple solution!

8  Reasons Why You CAN Afford to Travel the World

1. Take advantage of travel Credit cards

The next time you’re on a plane and you see someone who looks like an experienced flyer, chances are he or she is flying for FREE.

Many knowledgeable travelers take advantage of the perks provided by travel Cards whether it be frequent flyer miles, free check baggage, etc.

If you don’t travel very often, offer to use your travel credit card to book flights for your friends and family when they have planned travel. Then have them pay you back.

This will give you travel points faster. These points will ultimately give you large discounts and free flights.  U.S. News has outlined the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 2017 to help you decide which one will be best for you.

2. Saving money is just a MINDSET

We all have a hard time with saving money.

But we have to be honest if we want to reach our goals.

Perhaps you tell yourself you are saving money during the week by not eating out, however you give yourself a freebee and splurge on those shoes on the weekend.

You might complain that your job doesn’t pay you enough money for a vacation, but you spend a good chunk of your income on overpriced smart phones, luxury car and other extra expenses.

Be honest with yourself about your money saving attempts. It can be difficult to come to terms with this awareness but it can help you understand what’s really preventing you from reaching your travel goals.

3. STOP traveling during busy seasons

There is a reason why Airfare is the most expensive during Holiday season and on summer breaks. Airline prices are inflated at these times because EVERYONE else wants to travel during those times as well.

Be flexible with your travel.

Try traveling on days no one else is able to. Those times will have a lower demand for ticket prices, the cost will go down.

Don’t travel during these busy days, if you can help it.

Instead of traveling during the summer when most kids are out of school, try planning a trip on a random three day weekend specific to your job which is time off the the rest of the US doesn’t have.

4. You’re following the travel crowd..

And I don’t mean this in a good way.

You’re traveling to the most popular touristy places that everyone else is going to. As a result, prices to those locations are inflated for tourists who are jumping on the bandwagon just like you.

Try traveling somewhere less popular. If you type “everywhere” in the flight search box on skyscanner.com you can search for flights based on price and find great locations.

Be flexible with your travel destinations and don’t just go somewhere because EVERYONE else is. Chances are, everyone else is waisting their money.

5. You’re not planning ahead

Many people these days make decisions on impulse. Mainly because we don’t have the time to do a thorough exam of every nook and cranny of our decisions.

We’ve all been there..

But your travel decisions shouldn’t be made on impulse, especially if you want to be able to afford this trip and many more in the future.

6. You don’t have a side gig.

Side gigs have become just as common as full time jobs.

They’ve also become almost necessary when you want to have extra spending money. Find a job that is not very time consuming and gives you enough income to put toward travel.

Find some amazing side gigs here which will help you put aside money for Travel!

7. You’re over spending

Spending more than you actually make is very common these days especially with social media and seeing fabulous travel destinations flash before your eyes.

This is where setting a budget comes in handy. Keep track of your expenses and see where all of your money is going.

When you over spend in your day to day activities, your not allowing yourself any extra money to put aside for travel. When the time comes to look for flights, you “think” you can’t afford it but in reality you spent all of your potential travel money already.

8. You don’t have a travel discount card.

Travel discount cards can save you tons of money however so many people are not aware of them.

These cards can give you many discounts while traveling around the world.

Some of these cards include ISIC, YHA and more.


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