9 Secrets to Travel for Free



9 Secrets to Travel for Free

Before you actually book a trip, I’m sure the very IDEA  makes your bank account scream.

It’ll be so expensive after all…right?

It’s completely understandable to feel that way. The travel industry is a business. If you think twice before spending your hard earned money toward on an overpriced trip, you’re not alone.

However, travel does not always have to be expensive, it actually can be FREE and I’ll give you 9 secrets to get around the unnecessary travel expenses.

1. Rent a Car for FREE

Rental Cars are expensive to say the least.

I typically use Rentalcars.com to compare prices to find the best deals but if you’re a flexible with your travels, you can rental a car completely FREE. So, rental car companies transport rental cars from state to state and relay on drivers who are willing to make the drive. They get the benefit of not paying someone to do it and you get the benefit of having a FREE rental car. So it’s a win-win.

This is called relocation and you can click here to check out cars.

2.Take a cruise for (almost) FREE

Similar to how Rental Cars need to be transported, some cruise ships do as well. Although, when cruises do this, they aren’t completely free but you can find some deals that come close to it.

This way of traveling is called cruise repositioning. You can find drastically lower rates but you just have to be flexible on dates. Make sure to use trusted websites when looking for cruise repositioning.

3.FREE housing via house sitting

House sitting is an amazing way to live in a free residence anywhere in the world. Most house sitting opportunities  require registration for a website and building up a positive profile.

It takes a little while to find the house sitting site that will work for you so do your research.

4.Rent an RV for (close to ) FREE

How about combining free travel and free housing into one and Rent an RV for FREE.

This process is very similar to cars in the sense that RVs must be transported as well and in order to do this there must be drivers willing to do this. Search for this by searching RV relocations.

5.FREE Housing via pet sitting

Are you a pet person but can’t take your pets on you travels?  Well you’re not a lone. Other’s who travel without their pets will pay for someone to stay in their home and care for their furry loved ones.

You can take advantage of this opportunity but turning it into a travel experience. Check out some pet sitting opportunities here.

6.Credit Card points

Utilize credit card award points like those offered with chase sapphire. They provided 50,000 point after spending $4,000 in the first few months.

You can get around this

by using your credit care on expenses for family and friends and having him/her pay you back directly. Get to the credit limit faster and get the points as soon as possible.


Everyone has a different reason for traveling.

If volunteering is a big reason for you to travel,

there are many amazing opportunities to see the world by volunteering which include NGO and Peace core  among others.

8.Digital Nomad

May professional careers are in the digital Industries. Many of which include software developers, online marketing specialist, Online coaches. Among others. Checkout a complete list here of digital Nomad side hustle jobs.


Do you enjoy writing about something you are considered an expert in. Being a blogger allows you to have the flexibility of traveling while providing an income. If you need help with starting a blog from scratch click here.

If you need help with making a profit on you blog click here.


With love from the Pacific,

Katerina aka Pacificpetite






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