7 High Heel Hacks that will save your feet in the morning

Who ever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend must not have owned an incredible pair of high heels pumps. High heels should be your friend and not your enemy. If you follow these hacks, I promise you won’t be hating yourself the morning after a night out in heels.



1. Go with wedges or thick heels ALWAYS.


If your priority is comfort, wedges, platforms or thick heels will always win over a thin spiked high heels stilettos. Reason being that all of your body weight is spread out over a wider surface area rather than a single pressure point. If the spike heel isn’t something you can compromise on, go with a shorter heel.


2. Be Picky


Be picky with your heels and take your time walking each of them while the store before purchasing. Make sure they are comfortable, at least in the beginning because they will only get worse over time.


3. Find heels at the right time.


When you are shopping and trying on heels, search at the end of the day when your feet are at its widest. This is due to gravity redirecting blood feet throughout the day; this way  you can ensure the heels will be comfortable as your feet naturally swell. 


4. Decrease walk and standing time.


Do your research ahead of time. How much walking will be involved during your day, evening or night. When going to a restaurant, get a ride to the entrance door. Although your feet won’t hurt be hurt in the beginning of the night, you’ll want to prevent it before it starts.

If you are going inside a building that will require a lot of walking, pack small ballerina slippers that will fit in your purse. Put on your shoes as soon as you arrive at your location.

Set a timer on your watch or phone as soon as you have your heels on. Make an alarm go off every hour or so just to monitor how long you are in heels and on your feet. Try to sit down frequently as the alarm goes off.


5. Never take your high heels off while you are still out in public.


As soon as you slip those bad boys off, the blood will quickly rush to your feet causing them to expand. As soon as you put them back on that same night, you will feel like your shoes are 2 sizes too small.


6. Do Shoe inspections.


Never wear heels that are damaged. Check the soles to make sure they are not worn down and are able to provide support and cushion to your feet. Make sure the heels of the shoes aren’t damaged or crooked which will cause a lot of discomfort when walking.


7. Use sole protectors and corn pads.


These will reduce the friction on the balls of your feet and toes, decreasing discomfort the morning after wearing heels.

Check out the goodies below that will help prevent foot pain in high heels:


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