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No matter how many fashion trends that come and go, there seems to be one consistent struggle that remains which is How to style white jeans?

Another common question when it comes to outfits with white jeans which is: When to wear white jeans?

Whether you are wearing distressed white jeans in the summer with cute sandals, a casual white jeans outfit with heels in the spring or a fall white jeans outfit with boots, there are so many options to choose from!

Before styling your white jeans you might want to ask yourself: what occasion am I dressing up for?

There are plenty of styles you can achieve by simply narrowing down the type of look you are after. One common street style trend is to wear white jeans and white shirt. However if you are planning on going out for a summer night or a party, you can wear the white jeans outfit with high heel boots. If you’re planning on wearing a casual white jeans outfit to school you’d likely choose more of a preppy style.

If you’re after an edgy look, you can get ripped white jeans and pair them with Adidas sneakers. This is less of my style as I typically go after a street style of classy look.  I’m also pretty curvy so my white jeans are very fitted.

Below I’ve styled my white jeans 5 different ways, Let me know which one is your favorite! Also if you’re still looking for the right pair of white jeans, shop here to find anything ranging from skinny jeans, ripped jeans, capris, flares and more! 

5 Ways to Style White Jeans This Summer



Casual, summer white jeans outfit with pastel pinks and high heel boots. Perfect for street style. 



Preppy/edgy, spring white jeans outfit with black thick heel lace up boots. Great for Street style. 



Preppy/Classy, casual white jeans outfit with heels. Great option for a party, to wear to school or even to wear to work. 


Edgy, white jeans outfit with bodysuit. Great option to wear in the fall with a sweater or to a party for the night. 


(BONUS) Fall white jeans outfit perfect for wearing with boots for school or fall activities. 


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