5 Short girl hacks, you’ve never seen before

We are all familiar with the term “short girl problems” because it really exists!




There are some set backs to being short like not being able to see over the steering wheel of your car, never being able to reach the top cabinet or not being able to see out of the peep hole in the front door of your home.  No worries at all, I have found the perfect solutions for you when it comes to these problems. I have 5 tips for all you shorties out there that will solve all your major problems.









I’ve opened the front door of my home with no idea who is on the other side. When you’re too short to see out of the peep hole, you have no other choice. Now you don’t have to worry about answering the door to strangers blindly.  I’ve found the perfect solution to this problem, an easy to instal peep whole. You can make the hole perfect for your height. This takes a little bit of handyman work but well worth it!

price listed here



Seeing over the staring wheel is a constant struggle for us shorties out there. Some times the car seat doesn’t rise and adjust as much as we need it to. No shame to using an adult booster seat to add a few inches to your height behind the wheel.  You’d be surprised at how much a few inches can help your visibility.

price listed here


The step stool is an absolute necessity for any petite/short girl. The main rooms you need this step stool close to are the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom…well just about every where. Keep this in an easily accessibly place in your home, you’ll need it!

price listed here


Along with being short comes short arms and not being able to reach almost anything high around the house. Use this for all those things you can’t reach, and no one’s there to help you out! There is a grip on both ends so that nothing should slip and fall from the grasp. Who needs long arms when you have this bad boy!

price listed here



Finding clothes that actually fit is a never ending struggle for us small women.  From the dragging pants to the over sized tops, belts an high heels are every short girls best friend. Rather than trying to make ourself fit into the clothes, why not make the clothes fit you by using this personal tailoring/sewing kit.  Every short girl needs this to make alterations to all of those clothes that don’t fit.

Price listed here

And there you have it! my 5 short girl hacks that you’ve never seen before all in one place!


With love from the pacific,



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