29 ways to save money when you’re on a serious budget


29 ways to save money when you’re on a serious budget

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29 ways to save money when you’re on a serious budget




1.Find out what is motivating  you.

We as human beings move forward for one of two reasons: toward motivatations or away from pain.


Identify what is serving as your motivation to save money. Have a clear understanding and a clear vision of this motivation.


Are you saving money to move out, for a house, for a wedding, for a baby, fo a vacation, for a car, for an apartment, for retirement, for Christmas? Write your goal down and solidify it in your mind as your motivation and your goal.


2. Set a time to reach your money goal

Set a time frame for your money goal. Many times we don’t reach our goals because we simply give ourselves an infinite amount of time. This makes it easier for you to walk about from your goals and give up when there is no time keeping you accountable.


Are you planning on saving money each week, Biweekly or monthly. Or do you have a certain set time frame such as in 30 days?


3. Shut off monthly recurring charges

Take a good look at your bank account and get rid of those monthly recurring charges that you are no longer using. Call the up the companies and cut those expenses out of your spending asap. It’s very easy to lose track of recurring monthly charges that you’ve signed up for in the past and these are automatic deductions from your bank account monthly.


4. Find was to save on necessary expenses

Some expenses you can’t avoid spending money on such as your bills. Think of creative ways to lower these necessary expenses. For example, unplug electronics from the wall while they are not in use or limiting thermostat usage as much as possible.


5. Use money saving tools & apps

There are amazing money saving apps these days that save money for you such as digit, acorns and more!


6. Learn how to say “no” to expensive invites made by family and friends

Learn how to say “no” to activities that you know you can’t afford. Say “no” when your friend invites you to that expensive dinner, concert or any other activities that are outside of your budget. You can replace these with less expensive activities like picnics and free events.


7. Get used to do things at home

Work out at home rather than purchasing a gym membership. Eat dinner at home rather than going out to eat. Make coffee from home rather than starbucks every morning. You can get the picture!


8. Find someone to keep you accountable

Many times we are more accountable to others than ourselves. Find a like minded friend who will keep you accountable about your money saving habits. Make a google shared between the two of you and keep track of your progress weekly.


9. Reprogram your brain to have a “savings” mindset

When you have goals and motivations you have to keep it in your mind daily. Most of every day media consists of marketing and sales encouraging you to buy, buy,  buy! Work on reprogramming your brain toward having a “save” mindset rather than “spend”!


What really helps me to do this is listening to money focused bodcasts. They give amazing advice on money saving tips.


10. Join a facebook group for accountability

If one accountability partner is not enough to keep you accountable, join an entire network or tribe of people working on saving money just like you! This will help you feel less alone in your journey.


11. If it works don’t buy a new on

If it’s not broke, why fix it?


Too many people are getting upgrades and replacements to things that aren’t even broken.


Some examples are new cars, new computers and new phones. I’ve been working on my mac computer that I’ve had since 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a few hundred dollars in repair over the last 8 years but these repairs have been a lot less than getting a 2-3K + mac laptop or desktop. It continues to give me so much value over these last 8 years.


If I focused on replacing my computer as soon as I saw an issue, I’d start having a mentality of  “just replace it”.. If I got in the habit of replacing my “old” mac I’d have gone through 2-4 new computers by now spending 3K-10K dollars.


Saving money is a mentality and this is one spending habit that should be broken to save money.


12. Cut out coffee

The cost of coffee adds up! Cut out this one cost aand can save hundreds, maybe even thousands depending on how much coffee you drink, a year. Try other natural energy producing habits.


13. Get daily bank alerts

Daily bank alerts are a lifesaver. Many of us are simply not aware of all of our expenses but daily bank account alerts make sure that you are being notified of changes in your account. Make sure to get notifications of your daily balance, deposits and withdrawls. This will help you get keep serious tabs on your spending habits. This way it’s in your face and now avoiding it.


14. Cut off your cable & use your friends Netflix

How much cable are you actually watching anyway? All you really need to watch are netflix shows to stay up to-date with your shows these days. Share a netflix account with a friend to save money.


15. Rent out your place with airbnb

Your house doesn’t always have to costing you money but it actually make you money.  Rent out a room to people looking to travel in your area. You could also rent out your room during your time out of town.


16. Plan and prep your meals

Decision fatigue is a real thing and can cause us to impulsively spend money on food and impulsively eat just because our mental strength is exhausted from daily decision making. By planning meals you eliminate additional decisions in your day involving food since your meels are already planned and prepared.


17. Stop falling for the “it’s on sale!” trap

There’s an entire psychology behind making purchases that are supposedly on sale. You should simply make purchases based on if you truly need it in your life or not, not based on the fact that it’s on sale.


18. Shop for off brand clothing

These days, trends are changing very fast. What’s in style one season can quickly go out of style the very next season. For this reason, an expensive, trendy outfit from a brand name company will be out of style very quickly. It’s not worth spending an enormous amount of money for a piece of clothing that is only in style for one season. Getting name brand clothes used to mean you were getting a better quality but that’s not so true anymore.  Shopping at off brand stores will help you save a lot of money while still remaining in season.


19. Go to the library for books & work space

Libraries are awesome resources for free computer time, checking out & reading books and sometimes allows for free printing.


20. Cut your own hair and do your own cosmetic upkeep

Paint your own nails, do your own hair and do other cosmetic and body upkeeps for yourself rather than paying for someone else to do it for you. You’d be surprised by how much money your spending on these cosmetic appointments.


21. Pick up side hustle

It’s almost necessary to have a side hustle these days. Life has become so expensive it’s important to have alternative sources of income to supplement your primary source of income.


22. Rotate dinner nights with friends


This is a great way to save money by not cooking dinner every night. When it’s your turn to cook dinner you can cook a big potluck and also buy food in bulk that is often times less expensive.


23. Find the cheap gas stations

Scope out the cheapest gas stations in your area and only fill your tank at these locations.


24. Purchase affordable gifts that cost less than what you’d spend on a gift card, check or cash.

Many times a gift you purchase for someone is less expensive than the amount you would likely give provide to them in the form of a gift card, cash or check.


25. Set up a budget and follow it

If you like to visualize an see where all of your money is coming from and going toward, setting up a budget to keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly expenses.


26. Get the “free” water instead or carry your own water bottle

Save money on buying everyday drinks. Get the “free” water while out at a restaurant or with your meal rather than purchasing a drink. If you are picky about your water,  carry around a water bottle and refill it with your own water jug at home or with free watery you are comfortable drinking.


27. DIY your furniture

Rather than throwing out old furniture, Upgrade it on your own. There are so many ways to revamp your furniture to a more rustic look or touch it up by changing the color for a brand new feel.


28. Replace expensive activities with free ones

Rather than spending money on expensive activities, there are many similar activities that you can actually attend for free.


29. Reward yourself after reaching saving goals

With all of this money saving, reward yourself with something you’ve always wanted but is cost effective. Try Booking a vacation by also saving money with Travel More – Pay Less.


Happy saving!




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