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About Pacificpetite

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Hi! I'm Katerina, a Virginia native who not too long ago traveled across the country to Los Angeles California.. and have been on the road since.. While keeping my full time job as a Registered nurse I manage to travel to a new city, or country once or twice a month. I've traveled to over 7 countries and counting while saving half of my pay check. I hope to inspire you to travel more, while spending less.. It is possible! Travel to places of your wildest dreams ..without spending your life savings!
  • Where I’ve been in the US: Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Philadelphia, New York , New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada California,Louisiana, Idaho, Hawaii,  Ohio

     Bucket list: Seattle, Chicago, Rhode Island, Boston, Texas, Colorado and more..

    Where I’ve been International: Quebec Canada, Montreal Canada, Jamaica, Poland, Germany, St. Kits & Nevis, Costa Rica

    Bucket list: Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Paris, Africa, Haiti, Thailand, Sweden, India, Brazil, Japan, Korea

  • I love traveling but I still have bills and school loans to pay. I also would love to buy a house one day. Because of these, and many other, financial goals I’ve learned how to continue to travel while saving money.  I do this one a many ways: 

    I budget : I budget like no bodies business. Once you’re used to it, it’s not as bad as it seems. I fill out my budget pre-calculated formulas once a month then I’m conscious of my spending for the rest of the month.

    I plan  : I plan my trips out pretty well, I take advantage of deals, and I find the right travel resources that will help me travel on a budget. If’ your interested in reading more about how I travel on a budget click

    Resources: I use the right resources for individuals looking to travel and save money. For more tips and resources check out my free guide 🙂 happy traveling!