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Hi! I’m Katerina

As a Registered Nurse since 2011, I’ve educated hundreds of people on health and illness through my work as a health care professional. Over the years, I’ve recognized the need to help women stay healthy in their everyday lives and not only when they get sick. In 2020 began the 30 Day Bikini Body Challenge – currently blogging about healthy living and fitness tips for women. My goal is to help you Be Healthy and Be Happy because Life is Short!


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About Pacificpetite Blog
This blog began in 2016 and is always evolving as I grow and evolve into a more purposeful, and intentional woman. The blog has also grown to suit the interest of my readers. It originally began as a petite fashion blog, evolved into a travel blog and is now primarily focused on health and fitness.

More about my travels..
As a Virginia native who not too long ago traveled across the country to Los Angeles California.. and have been on the road since.. While keeping my full time job as a Registered nurse I manage to travel to a new city, or country once or twice a month. I've traveled to over 7 countries and counting while saving half of my pay check. I hope to inspire you to travel more, while spending less.. It is possible! Travel to places of your wildest dreams ..without spending your life savings!
  • Where I’ve been in the US: Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Philadelphia, New York , New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Nevada California,Louisiana, Idaho, Hawaii,  Ohio

     Bucket list: Seattle, Chicago, Rhode Island, Boston, Texas, Colorado and more..

    Where I’ve been International: Quebec Canada, Montreal Canada, Jamaica, Poland, Germany, St. Kits & Nevis, Costa Rica

    Bucket list: Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Paris, Africa, Haiti, Thailand, Sweden, India, Brazil, Japan, Korea

  • I love traveling but I still have bills and school loans to pay. I also would love to buy a house one day. Because of these, and many other, financial goals I’ve learned how to continue to travel while saving money.  I do this one a many ways: 

    I budget : I budget like no bodies business. Once you’re used to it, it’s not as bad as it seems. I fill out my budget pre-calculated formulas once a month then I’m conscious of my spending for the rest of the month.

    I plan  : I plan my trips out pretty well, I take advantage of deals, and I find the right travel resources that will help me travel on a budget. If’ your interested in reading more about how I travel on a budget click

    Resources: I use the right resources for individuals looking to travel and save money. For more tips and resources check out my free guide 🙂 happy traveling!